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We have been sharing user-generated content on Instagram as @tdot_shots since 2018. We have a deep admiration and appreciation for artists, creators, photographers and media makers. We will always fully credit you. We will make every effort to promote your work. When we have a project we will invite the community to participate. When we have paying jobs we will contract out some of the work. We will also offer training and tips as part of our way of saying thank you and giving back to the community.

Please read the following. When you have your submission organized and ready head to this page and use the form. Good luck and thank you.

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  • Art
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  • Events
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Length (minimum): 250 words, spell-checked

Media: Please submit at least 2 large images at original size and ratio (we need wide images for website and we will crop for other purposes)

Requirements: accept the terms and conditions, provide your name and a link to a website (your URL or a social account, so we can credit you and see who you are)

Alternative submission process: if you become a regular contributor or post your content with a CC license we can arrange alternate submission via email.


Terms and conditions (toggle open)


Terms and Conditions

Ownership: You own what you submit – we make no claim to own your content. This constitutes a non-exclusive right so feel free to use or share it elsewhere. This does not apply to separate submissions involving fees.

Payment: We do not pay for contributions sent through this page. By contributing you waive any right to future compensation. Special submission with an upfront payment may be solicited or arranged outside of this process and form.

Originality: You must share only your own original writing and media to which you have the complete and sole rights. You declare that your writing is not in any way plagiarized from another source and if you quote directly you make your sources clear. You must contribute only your images and media. No visual or graphic can be borrowed or adapted from a third party unless the source is royalty free (supply the URL for these sources in your submission notes).

We promise to credit you and promote you to the community

We will not sell or distribute your contribution to a third party.

We may repost your writing, photo and media on any of our present or future websites (including but not limited to,,

We may post your content to any of our social channels including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

Your submission may adapted or modified in different media. You will always receive credit for your contribution.

We reserve the right to monetize all content including social media pages, blogs, websites, learning and community pages via ads or affiliate links.

Thank you!


Submit your text and images

If you have any questions about this process please contact us

We are happy to read a draft and review your images before you submit.

Thank you!

– The Tdot Blog Team


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